Outdoor Dining Permit

Do you want to expand your restaurant dining outdoors into a public area adjacent to your business?

The Public Works Department regularly issues annual, renewable permits for outdoor dining in the public right of way - such as sidewalks. Many outdoor dining areas have been approved in the downtown area along Culver Blvd, Washington Blvd, Main St and in other areas throughout the city.


Photograph showing trees and people seated at outdoor dining tables with umbrellas located in sidewalk area along Culver Blvd with retail building in background Photograph showing people seated at outdoor dining tables and umbrellas located in closed street area along Culver Blvd with City Hall in background


  • Permits are issued on a case-by-case basis

Annual outdoor dining permits are issued on a case-by-case basis after consideration of the intended use, competing interests, and safety concerns, allowing the City to balance user needs and ensure reasonable safety of patrons, employees, pedestrians, drivers, and bikers.

  • Permit costs and requirements vary

Permit fees and requirements vary depending on the specifics of the property, with more stringent standards applied to longer-term installations. Permits can be issued for temporary activities or more permanent installations. Installation expenses are paid by the individual businesses.

  • Permits must be renewed annually


Apply for an Outdoor Dining Permit


Overview of Entire Permitting Process

Applicants can expect to spend a week or so assembling and submitting the application form and exhibits and paying the initial fee. Initial application review typically takes about a week. The entire review and approval process can be completed within a three week period, but will depend on applicant's timely completion of additional steps and payment of all fees, as well as submission of any requested revisions and/or additional materials.


Step 1.Understand all steps and requirements

Step 2.Complete application form

Step 3.Complete exhibits A - D

Step 4.Submit application form and exhibits A - D

Step 5.Pay application fee

Step 6.Wait for Public Works staff to contact you and guide you through the process

Step 7.Complete additional steps

Step 8.Pay remaining fees

Step 9.Permit approved and issued


Step 1.Complete Application Form


On the application form, include both the legal entity name of the business and the name of the contact person and their email and phone number

Download Application Form(PDF, 45KB)


Step 2.Prepare Exhibit A - Site Plan

Create a Site Plan of your proposed outdoor dining installation

View a Site Plan example(PDF, 114KB)


  • All plan pages should be labeled "Exhibit A"
  • Plan document should be sized 11” x 17”
  • Completed plan document must be converted to pdf
  • Plan requirements
  • Plan document must include a north arrow, street names, business address, and business name
  • Plan must include a signature block
  • Plan should be an accurate, dimensioned, using legibly-sized font
  • Plan should list the total square footage (not including the entry way area)
  • Plan drawing must show:
    • Applicant business storefront with property lines
    • Storefronts adjacent to the business
    • Adjacent streets
    • Full sidewalk
    • Trees, fire hydrants, electrical boxes, sign poles, and other permanent installations
    • Current street parking spots
    • All proposed furniture and equipment, clearly labeled


Step 3.Prepare Exhibit B - Barrier Detail and/or Front View

Provide a map/sketch of any physical barriers that will be installed, or if no barrier, then show a front view of the venue showing table locations

View a barrier map/sketch example(PDF, 99KB)


  • All pages should be labeled "Exhibit B"
  • Copies and images must be converted to pdf and should be combined when possible
  • Pdfs should be sized 11” x 17” or 8.5” x 11”


Step 4.Prepare Exhibit C - Manufacturers’ Cut Sheets and/or Photographs 

Provide copies of manufacturers’ cut sheets and/or color photographs of all furniture and equipment to be used in area

View a manufacturers’ cut sheet example(PDF, 125KB)


  • All pages should be labeled "Exhibit C"
  • Copies and images must be converted to pdf and should be combined when possible
  • Pdfs should be sized 11” x 17” or 8.5” x 11”


Step 5.Prepare Exhibit D - Furniture and Equipment Inventory 

Provide an inventory list of all furniture and equipment to be installed in exterior space


  • All pages should be labeled "Exhibit C"
  • Copies and images must be converted to pdf and should be combined when possible
  • Pdfs should be sized 11” x 17” or 8.5” x 11”


Step 6.Submit Application Form with Exhibits A-D

Submit all materials to Engineering Division of the Public Works Department

Email to: (preferred): outdoordining@culvercity.org

In Person: Submit at the Engineering Counter at City Hall, 2nd floor

Permits for approved applications will only be issued after completion of additional steps and payment of all fees


After submission a staff member will contact you by email to:

  • Confirm receipt of your application and exhibits
  • Guide you through the application review and completion of additional steps or requirements
  • Request additional information or materials and answer any questions


During the review process, staff will:

  • Send invoices for your application fee and other fees
  • Let you know once the application has been approved, or if denied, provide guidance about how to proceed


    Fee Schedule

    You will be invoiced for all fees and the invoice will include instructions on payment process

    Step 1.Application Fee

    $750 one-time fee

    • Charged immediately following the submission of the permit application (with exhibits)
    • Must be paid before application will be reviewed
    • Application fee will not be refunded if permit application is denied


    Step 2.Public Right-of-Way Restoration Fee and Maintenance Deposit

    $500 minimum, varies

    • Calculated by number of dining seats and square footage
    • Deposit partially covers costs to City for set up, removal and restoration


    Step 3.One-time Sewer Facility Charge (SFC)

    $ varies

    • Combined fees for Culver City and City of Los Angeles sewage usage
    • Calculated by number of dining seats and square footage ($600 per chair)
    • Additional $50 Issuance Fee and $32 Tech Surcharge Fee


    Step 4.Annual Outdoor Dining Fee

    $13.00 /sq ft (currently waived through 12/31/2021)

    • Initial annual fees paid mid-year will be prorated
    • Renewal fees invoiced annually
    • Renewals can be paid annually, bi-annually, or monthly (processing fees apply to monthly billing)


    Additional Steps & Requirements

    Complete ALL of the following additional steps before a permit can be issued. Failure to do so will delay the issuance of your permit.


    Step 1.Certificate of Insurance

    Provide a Certificate of Insurance for the applicant business 

    Provide evidence of:

    • Workers compensation coverage as required by State law
    • Comprehensive general liability coverage with minimum $2,000,000 per occurrence and minimum $2,000,000 aggregate
    • Named additional insured as follows: "The City of Culver City, members if its City Council, boards and commissions, officers, agents, and its employees" 

    View a full list of insurance requirements for outdoor dining permit(DOCX, 15KB)

    View an example of an acceptable Certificate of Insurance(PDF, 306KB)


    Step 2.Culver City Business License

    Provide or obtain an active Culver City Business License

    Learn more about obtaining a Culver City Business License


    Step 3.Outdoor Dining License Agreement

    Execute an Outdoor Dining License Agreement with the City

    An Outdoor Dining License Agreement will be provided by City after your Application is approved


    Step 4.Other Requirements

    Additional measures may be required of applicant businesses depending on case-by-case circumstances.

    Culver City must balance the needs of competing uses of the public right-of-way and consider the safety of everyone in the vicinity. For example, businesses must comply with American Disability Act (ADA) requirements, including a minimum 48” unobstructed path of travel on public sidewalks and into and out of dining areas for wheelchair access, however, more space may be required depending on pedestrian traffic.

    Examples of other issues considered by Public Works:

    • Existing sloped sidewalk surface available
    • Sidewalk drainage
    • Available lighting
    • Necessity, cost, impact, and feasibility of installing k-rail or water-filled barriers
    • Impacts of added proposed enhancements, such as planters and shade protection
    • Adequate fire clearance
    • Trash and utility services access
    • Applicants conformance with the prior permits and ongoing entitlements
    • Contiguous allocations of street areas
    • Area traffic patterns, turn lanes, bike access, pedestrian flow, and other mobility issues
    • Impacts on local parking supply

    Businesses requesting outdoor expansion must also adhere to all laws and regulations, as well as all health and safety guidelines adopted by Culver City and the County of Los Angeles. Learn more about current Covid-19 guidelines. 


    Why do I need a Certificate of Insurance? 

    Permitted business must indemnify and hold the City harmless from liability for personal injury or damage to property that may arise from the use of the public right-of-way. 

    How long is the permit process? 

    The initial outdoor dining application form/exhibits review process typically takes about a week, which may be extended if submission is incomplete and delayed by applicant.

    After the initial application approval, the remaining time frame, usually about three weeks, depends on timely completion of additional steps and payment of fees by applicant, as well as submission of any requested revisions or additional materials. 

    Learn About Other Types of Outdoor Dining Permits


    Do you want to build a permanent space for outdoor dining in a curbside parking space or street shoulder? 

    Parklets are a special type of permanent installation established in the street without involving lane closure. Approval of design and construction of permanent parklets can take a few months. Fees apply and implementation is funded by individual businesses.   

    Apply or learn more about Parklets

    Photograph of outdoor dining installation in city street along street curb, showing tables, benches and plants in planter boxes, covered by trellis, with woman with yellow backpack walking by.

    Expand Dining Outdoors onto Private Property

    Do you want to expand your dining outdoors into an adjacent parking lot or other private property?

    Annual permits for business activities on private property are issued by the Community Development Department. 

    Submit Temporary Use Permit with site plan. Other requirements may apply.

    Contact Us

    Planning Division

    Host an Outdoor Special Event

    All events open to the public require a permit from Culver City's Committee on Permits and Licenses. Applications must be made in person at the Finance Department at City Hall.

    Download the Special Permit Application

    Learn More

    Contact Us

    Business License Division
    (310) 253-5870

    Learn About Special Permitting During Covid-19 Pandemic

    On June 1, 2020, the Culver City Council issued the 16th Supplement to the Public Order in response to the Covid emergency establishing a no-fee, Temporary Public Right-of-Way Permit with the goal of assist local businesses, allowing outdoor dining establishments to expand business activities into adjacent sidewalks and public street areas. 

    Unless extended, all Temporary Public Right-of-Way Permits will terminate 12/31/2021. These temporary permits will not be renewed and new temporary permits will not be issued.

    Learn More